Bronze Cuff with Sterling Setting


Taking a MetalSmithing Class from Davide Bigazzi to see how to incorporate traditional metalsmithing with Precious Metal Clay and Bronz Clay. This took awhile to work on fabrication but it is time well spent.
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My All-Time Favorite Ring


Adore this chunky ring band. Added some 22K gold to it and WOW! It is now my all-time favorite.
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Transforming my Studio for a Jewelry Show

Just finished setting up my studio for a jewelry show. Its exhausting but worth it! Watch this video clip to see how I did it.

Photo Session Maddness


Am getting ready for a show. Enjoying taking and editing photos.
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As seen on
Saw a link today about my PMC submissions (see pic below)on What fun! The bottom left pieces was selected for publication in the PMC Guild 2011 Annnual. Sadly this is the last year they will be publishing the Annual.

PMC Guild Submissions 2011

I have been working dutifully in my studio finishing up projects, taking photos and editing them for submission to PMC Guild's Annual Publication for 2011. I pray that a few of my pieces are selected this year! Will find out in August sometime.
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Chunky Amethyst Ring

This ring started as a vision a few months ago. I used wax to make a mock up of the stone so i could account for shrinkage in the PMC. I love the weight of this and the rustic quality with such a beautiful stone.
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Firing A Bronze Clay Cuff

I am revisiting Bronz Clay now that the price of silver continues to rise. With a little help from my friend Norma i was able to successfully fire this behemoth of a cuff so it is nice and strong. At first I tried firing in "Magic Carbon" at 1525 degrees for 2 hours just like the package said with no success. Then I tried at 1550 for two hours. No success. Norma's trick worked. I ramped my kiln to 500 degrees per hour to 1525 and held for 2.5 hours. Took about 6 hours total to fire but it was worth the wait. Now all i need to do is add a little interest to the piece with some Precious Metal Clay and perhaps a stone. Will post the finished product later... now to cleaning my studio so I can clear my mind and get to the creativity.

Rock and Roll Bohemian Chic

Am working on photos for my website. Went with a friend to Rancho San Antonio Park for a photo shoot yesterday. It was a gorgeous day. Love the outdoors after the rain.

Creative Women Make Gorgeous Rings!

There are a many reasons I teach. Number one is beacause I get to hang out with new people. Number two is when people enjoy the creative process. Todays class was a blast AND my students walked away satisfied with their creations. What a way to spend a Saturday!
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Rings that make you go....WOW!

Here are the finished rings!
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Making a Collection of Jewelry

I love varitey. After all isn't variety supposed to be the spice of life? Unfortunately my love for variety has caused me to design jewelry in styles that vary all over the map. Many of my customers love that as people's tastes vary. As I look forward, my desire is to simplify my life, to have a cohesive design style. One that pleases me and tickles others fancy. I think I am getting there. Here are two designs that use one of my favorite stones ... smoky quartz..and some of my newly hand crafted fine silver components.

Fun in the Studio

Lately I have been rethinking what the focus of my jewelry business should be. I love to create AND I love to teach. Honesty, I get the best of both worlds offering instruction. Yesterday I gave a class to two wonderful people. Brenda Levine, a long-time beader created the beautiful pendants in the middle. Amy Peters long-time metalsmith and jewelry designer, who also shares a history teaching at The Bead Shop in Palo Alto, created the whimsical pendants to the left.

Ladies, you make my job fun!

Bird on a Wire

This bird necklace was made with one of my favorite Photopolymer Plates. After I polished and patined the square pendant, I dapped it which gave it a nice curve. Still, I felt it needed something else to add interest. Luckily I remembered a mould I made of a coral branch. I pressed metal clay into it, let it dry and added texture with a blade. I pushed some eyelets into the ends so I could hang the branch on a chain. Attached the pendant to the silver branch. and I am happy with the results.....
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