Creating with Photopolymer Plates and Moulds IS FUN!!

Love when I have a vision of something and it comes out the way I imagined it! Am thinking I need to add some gold to make the bird stand out more. I'm gonna make a series of these.

Obsessed with Photopolymer Plates!!


Just cant stop making these babies!! They are so beautiful and so easy to make. I think tonight I will be dreaming about what I can create with them!! I have some for sale on etsy -- see the link to my etsy shop in the right column.

The orangy stuff in the picture is a childhood favorite; silly putty. Its a great way to see how the plates will read in PMC before making a commitment in metal clay.

Rings ...Rings and More Rings

These beauties were just finished tonight by seven wonderful and fun students. Bet they will proudly show them off tomorrow...and the next day.
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PMC Powers Unite!


I love teaching! Its great to meeting fun people and creating together. Last Saturday I had the pleasure of hanging out with TK, Julie, Vickie, Norma and Linda. To see what a great time we had, making PMC and fusing fine silver, click on the picture below:
2010-03-19 Class PMC and Fusing Linked Bracelet
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Koi and Iris Double Sided Pendant by Rosemary Lanyon

This pendant is gorgeous! Am excited to post my student's wonderful creations. This one was done by Rosemary Lanyon in the Photopolymer Plate and Box Pendant session last month.

On a Wing and A Prayer


Lately I have been trying to help a friend find a job and a car. I am reminded that we do not have to do this on our own that the Good Lord Above has us in his care and he is watching over us. This piece gives me peace knowing He will take care of her -- all we need to do is reach out an pray!!
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Putting it All Together


I have so many fun silver beads and charms I have created waiting to be "hooked up" with other pieces. Last night I was inspired to string and knot them with leather cord paired with my all time favorite stone; turquoise. Love the way it feels on my wrist.
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Fun Vintage Charms


Have been having fun making these charms and pendants from Vintage and Antique Victorian Buttons. Am shipping some to The Beads Shop to be sold on their online store Am also selling way fun moulds from my vast button collection on my etsy shop. See my link on the right top side of my postings to view them. I have a million and one ideas for these babies swirling in my head...will I ever rest???
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Mermaid Bracelet and Clasp

I wire wrapped these beads and pearls on the way to Point Reyes one weekend. It originally had a manufactured toggle clasp. The pearls and the colors reminded me of the away I went in my studio and made this mermaid clasp to finish it off. When I wear it I want to be somewhere on the seashore.
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Crazy for Birds and Wire Wrapped Stones

Love the bird theme lately. Finished this for a friend with wire wrapped rubies, mauve pearls and fine silver beads.
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