Stunning Coral Design Earrings


I love, love, love this texture. Works well with this shape for earrings. Got to wear them tonight.
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Intro to Precious Metal Clay (PMC) in the San Francisco Bay Area Jan. 16th 10-1

Get hooked on Precious Metal Clay! Learn to make fine silver jewelry with PMC. This revolutionary medium is an easy entrée to metal work as well as a new addition to your metalsmithing repertoire. In this class you will learn the basics of PMC (forming, firing, and finishing). Student projects include pendants & charms.
Date; Saturday January 16, 2010 10:00am-1:00pm
Level: Beginner

Cost: $45
Materials Fee: starting at $30 for one pack of PMC 3 (16 grams)and depends on each student's design selection. More PMC may be purchase in class. Tools provided for use in class.

Class Location: PMC Design Studio in Redwood City

To register please e-mail me at or call 650-630-6061

Photopolymer Plates for PMC February 6th, 2010

Learn to incorporate your design or line drawing into metal clay with Photopolymer Plates (PPP's). PPP's have been traditionally used in the printing industry to create images or words onto paper. Using them with PMC is similar to using rubber stamps BUT the design is your own. Turn a photo into a line drawing and Viola! You can now use this to make a beautiful piece of silver jewelry. In this session we will spend time making plates and then using them with some PMC to make gorgeous one of a kind jewelry.

Date: Saturday February 6th 2010 from 10am-4pm
Cost: $95
Materials Fee: $15 for unexposed plates. Bring your own PMC or buy some in class.
Class Location: PMC Design Studio, Redwood City, CA (45 minutes South of San Francisco)
To register contact me at or call 650-630-6061

How to USE RESIN...What I learned from Linda



This is a photo of one of my regulars, Linda Cullen who attends the WED. NIGHT OPEN STUDIOS Sessions. She has been going crazy making resin pendants at home withe a Doming Resin product. Although the results have been beautiful, the resin has wreaked havoc on her skin. She is now fully outfitted with mask and gloves so that she can continue the resin madness. Warning: Don't go out in public like this...people may think there has been a nuclear accident in your local area and you may frighten small children.

Moral of the story: READ all caution labels of chemical products and use with caution. Use in a well ventillated area and in moderation. Do not let resin cure in areas where you sleep or eat.
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