Mallory Steven's PMC Link Bracelet

I am so impressed with my students! This weeks project in my PMC Open Studio session was Precious Metal Clay Links. Each student did a different variation of the project and I am thrilled with them all.
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Martina Lavelle's PMC Link Necklace

Martina finished this beautiful piece today
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Kirsten Lindelsee's Creation

Posted by PicasaKirtsen who just graduated from 8th grade made this beautiful link bracelet. I love the textures she chose and the variation of shapes.

Precious Metal Clay Rings Made by Students at PMC Design Studio

These beauties were made by my fabulous students today -- some set CZ's, another dichroic glass and yet another was added after firing. I love that each ring was unique in design!!
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TIny Personalized Tags


Just created these for a customer's order. I can make tags the size of a dime and add up to 9 letters on it. So petite, so cute, so personal. This can be made with or without the heart cut out.
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Intro to PMC Class July 11th 10:30-4:30pm

Get hooked on Precious Metal Clay! Learn to make fine silver jewelry with PMC. This revolutionary medium is an easy entrée to metal work as well as a new addition to your metalsmithing repertoire. In this class you will learn the basics of PMC (forming, firing, and finishing). Student projects include pendants & charms. There will be a 45 minute lunch break. Bring a sack lunch.

Date; Saturday May 30th 10:30am-4:30pm

Level: Beginner

Cost: $95

Materials Fee: $45. Tools provided.

To reserve your space for a session please contact me at

Katy's Koy Pendant

Katy Boynton who attends the Wednesday Night PMC Open Studio Class made this lovely Koi pendant and filled it with tinted resin. Isn't it beautiful?!
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PMC Box Pendant by Martina Lavelle

Martina, who regularly participates in our Wednesday Night Open Studio Sessions created this two sided box pendant. Just flip to the side that goes best with your attire du jour.
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Side B of Martina's Pendant

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Creative PMC Pendant Using a Motor Part

Ken Tejima has found his creative voice with PMC - he created this piece using a car part from an engine.
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PMC Creatins by Ken Tejima

Ken created this unique piece with his family's crest.
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Whimsical Flower Ring by Tina

This fun ring was crafted by Tina Belluomini in the PMC Rings Class a few weeks ago.
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