From Line Art to Jewelry. Making a Photopolymer Plate for Precious Metal Clay

I am crazy about Photoplymer Plates -- you could say addicted. You can take almost any line drawing and make it into silver jewelry. I recently had a student, Mark Reynolds, from Northern Canada take a private session. He creates jewelry with a wildlife theme. Visitors travel to his cold corner of the world to see bears and he makes memorable jewelry for them to take home as a reminder of their visit.

Mark came to our session with a design he wanted to make from a linocut he made in a class at 3FishStudios in San Francisco. He reduced his image to a workable size for jewelry and this image was made into a plate that is similar to a stamp but much crisper. The Precious Metal Clay was then pressed into the prepared plate, shaped and fired. To see the steps to the process, check out the following link on my online Picasso album

I was Featured on Craft Gossip

Ever do a google search for yourself? C'mon admit it! I just did. And what did I find? A post about my work and a wonderful promo about my classes. The world wide web is an interesting place to get the "hook up" Here is the direct link For my 2011 class schedule, open the document on the right of this web page. To register please contact me at or 650-630-6061.

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Precious Metal Clay and Resin Class

In this Intro Class, students made wondefully creative jewelry. Its always fun for me to introduce people to the wonders of metal clay and see how each student incorporates their own designs and ideas. To view more pictures of this class and students work click on the following link
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