Gold on Precious Metal Clay

Just finished a fun two part class which added 22k Gold to pure silver. The results were stunning and students went away very happy and energized. Love that! We decided that oxidizing the silver portion of the pieces really made the gold "pop". Mixed metal is in and we are so thrilled.
To view more photos of this class, click on the pic below
2010-10-26 PMC and Gold Class

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The New PMC Guild Annual Is Finally Here

Ever since my "Do-Si-Do" bracelet with Picasso Jasper stones was selected for publication in this years PMC Guild Annual I have anxiously been checking my mailbox for it's arrival. And it finally came today. I am so elated. I remind myself of Steve Martin's child-like character in a scene in the movie The Jerk. When Navin received the latest edition of the local phone book, he ran down his driveway holding it shouting, "The new telephone book is here, the new telephone book is here...and now I'm in it"

So, I am beaming with joy..."The new PMC Guild Annual is here...and now I'm in it!" Page 92 to be exact. : )

Silver and Gold. 22K Gold on Precious Metal Clay. LOVE IT!

We've got the Midas touch. Had session one tonight of my Gold on Precious Metal Clay. Here are the results of my demo. The leaf on the left was painted with Aura 22 which is 22k gold. I oxidized it for that oh so wonderful look. The gold touches on the right were done with Art Clay Gold Paste. The students pieces are in the kiln as I post. Everyone is excited to apply the gold to their creatons next week. Will post more pictures then.
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On Wings Like Angels

I usually detest reconstiting bone dry clay. It's so lumpy and I often have a big mess on my hands. Took this sticky mush and pushed it into my angel wings mould. Took it out an it had a very interesting surface design. giving this piece an ancient look. Added a halo with fine silver and dropped a wire wrapped crystal quartz and am sporting it around town.
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New Displays

After years of using black velvet for my displays, I decided I needed a change. Not that I had time or money for an upgrade but once i got the idea in my head I went to work. I have to say I was inspired by my bird displays and the latest Restoration Hardware catalogue. Love the look of crisp linen, white on white, bronze metal and vintage peeled paint decor. Lucked out and found some discarded frames by the side of the road and some barn wood at my dad's ranch. All i needed was a few cans of spraypaint and many hours later....